Monday, March 2, 2015

Mary Ingles Look Alike

Well people, 

So much happened this week except teaching. Our numbers were so bad this week I'm really nervous to send them to President. Pray for me. 

So D (a recent convert who is really gullible) told me the other day the the movie August Rush is his favorite movie and so I told him he was my brother and naturally he believeD me because missionaries don't lie. but I wasn't lying, just playing joke ya know. So of course he decides to tell the whole ward and things got uncomfortable. 

Also, everyone here thinks I look like Mary Ingles from Little House on The Prairie and I'm just sort of offended. Literally the whole ward has told me that and they all pull out pictures and I'm just like, great. 

So Friday we got to go to the temple as a zone and it was so great. It's the first time I have been in almost a year. The last time I went was March 11th 2014, the day I entered the mission field. It had been wayyy to long but I loved every second of it. So that night I was like super stressed because F's baptism was the next day and we ran out of Saldo (minutes) on our phone so we couldn't call anyone to plan the baptism so naturally I just start cleaning because that's what I do when I get stressed. So I'm cleaning and cleaning and I open this dresser that we keep all of our Pamphlets in and out runs this GIANT cockraoch. Like huge. And the funny thing is that Hermana Bailey saw the same cockroach in the bathroom a month ago but it ran away and she never killed it so it's been living in our dresser for over a month. ew. Anyway, that night at midnight I woke up to find myself talking on the phone with the zone leaders. I don't remember answering the phone or anything. My mind woke up when I heard them say, Hermanas are you okay?? and i said " we actually were sleeping.  What are you talking about??"  It turns out there was a big earthquake but I was so tired that I didn't even feel it. I'm glad our apartment building didn't crumble because we are on the 5th floor. 

Anyway, Saturday was F's baptism and it was so great. This kid in the ward named C. baptized him. They didn't know each other before but when we started teaching f. we would take C. to accompany us so now they are bestest friends.  After the baptism they hugged like that picture of Jesus and John the baptist (I'm not saying they are like Jesus and john but it just reminded me of that picture) and it was tender. 

Anyway, Z. says she is ready for baptism but she wants to wait to the 21st of March because its her Birthday. 

Last night we went to the house of M. and N. M. is menos activo and Nancy is pretty active but only stays for the renion sacremental because she has to go home and take care of her dying mother. So they are pretty well off and have a really nice house so we go and we teach them and then after they give us fruit to eat and then they start talking about how they bought pancake mix but they don't know how to make it. So we all make pancakes together. And then they give us a box of cookies because they are nice and wanted us to have them and then she finds out that we eat a lot of eggs so she gave us her whole box of eggs that she had. So then we were about to leave and they start talking about this fish they ate for lunch so of course they gave us the rest of the fish that they had and everything we needed to fry it.  By then I was like, okay we gotta go before they give us anymore food (even though I was really happy but I just felt bad, ya know?) so as we were leaving Miguel asks us if we like donuts and we were like, yaaa. So he was like, ya come over Tuesday at 7pm and I'll have a box of donuts for yous guys. YESSS, best day everrrr. I think they just needed some love and really missed the missionaries (because they used to live with them 15 years ago). 

Well anyway, we are working so hard to find new investigators but it's been a big challenge lately. Pray for San Juan that we can find people prepared and ready. 

Also, G. the security guard who we are rescuing is progressing soooo well and should be rescued next week. woohooo. 

Well I love you alll soooo much! 

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